Find the Technical Details of L92 AAA Lithium Battery

23/01/2019 09:20
Most of the battery users do not pay attention to the voltage. However, voltage is one of the important aspects to buy the right battery. While you have chosen the appropriate battery voltage, you will be able to use the device safely and smoothly. The voltage may affect the operation of the power system. The consumer batteries are available in various voltages. One of the most commonly used cells is 1.5 Volt L92 AAA Lithium Battery. You may look for lithium batteries of other different voltages. However, 1.5V cells are the popular choice to the users. You can check out the present battery of your device, and then, invest on the right product. 
Know more about the battery volts
You can find batteries, rated as 1.5V. However, for any new cell, Open Circuit Voltage may range between 1.79V and 1.83V. By combining the voltage and current, you can make out the amount of power flow. You may also check out the mAh capacity and energy density. Energy density of 1.5 Volt L92 AAA Lithium Battery can be higher than that of any alkaline battery. However, mAh value starts getting low with the higher rates of discharge current.
mAh capacity and other details of the batteries
Energizer has released 1.5 Volt L92 AAA Lithium Battery package for the consumers. This package contains high-energy lithium cells, having 1250mAh capacity. The capacity of these cells is higher than that of the alkaline products. You can store these lithium batteries for longer period. You may find lithium batteries of different other types. However, L92 AAA battery standard is one of the best choices to the users.
While comparing the weight, we have found that it is 25% less in these lithium cells. Thus, for all these positive aspects, you may choose these batteries.